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Food parking in the Park

On May 1, 2021, the Roadside Picnic food parking will open in the Primorsky Victory Park on Krestovsky Island, where 24 St. Petersburg gastronomic projects will present street food from around the world.

Each month will have its own theme:

May: the reboot of the food parking is already an event!

June: football. St. Petersburg will host Euro 2021 matches, so Krestovsky Island will be filled with an atmosphere of friendly rivalry and competition.

July: festival. For the first time in Primorsky Victory Park, we will launch our own festival “Picnic. Plaid. Park " in the format of the largest picnic in St. Petersburg.

August: round the world. Closed borders will not prevent us from going on a gastronomic trip. The residents of the food parking will surprise you with original dishes from different parts of the world. Bon voyage!

September: fruitful. Traditionally, this month is dedicated to harvesting crops in different world cultures. Last year we brought together the "harvest" - in September we will make a legendary comeback.

The program of events will include: gastronomic pop-ups, picnic serving master classes, lectures on healthy eating, live music in the open air, national dances, a children's park quest, friendly petanque tournaments, go, etc.

Taking into account the popularity of the food market last year, we expanded the list of food operators from 12 to 24. Each participant prepared a meal specially for the Roadside Picnic, which can only be tried in the Park, and for those who follow healthy nutrition, our operators have introduced healthy- dishes.

Drumroll! Introducing the residents of the food parking:

- Crazy Foх - a project by Sergei Fokin (Eclipse), several types of burgers with breaded marinated chicken thighs, strips with homemade sauces and homemade donuts.
What else?
- Kazbegi - beloved Georgia is back in the Park!
- Branch Garage - Mexican tacos, quesadillas, chili con carne, herbs and berries from our own farm.
- Pobo - Japanese mochi, bowl tuna tataki and classic rolls.
- Pizza Diego Da Napoli - Neapolitan pizza from a Pompeian oven, especially for the Park, the guys made a pizza with smoked mussels.
- Vaffel - spinach, buckwheat, tomato, potato, cheese, sweet Norwegian waffles with 25 fillings: original Indiana Jones or crunchy Joker - you choose!
- “Czech Trdelnik” - Czech classics with sweet and hearty fillings: park flavor “strawberry with cream”, white chocolate, Nutella or salted caramel? You have to try everything!
- Dish fish - Pan-Asian menu: Japanese ramen and instagramable taiyaki fish, Balinese sate with Basmati rice, Thai ice cream, vegetarian roll - we move to Asia right in the Park!
- Street Suvid - different variations of street food based on the trendy sous-vide technology.
- "Berry coffee" - specialty coffee and a balanced breakfast menu.
- Bus Damas - everyone's favorite ice cream from the brightest van in town.
- Capri Pasta Bar - Italian gluten-free pasta and menu-constructor in the style of "make it yourself".
- Punk Monkey - healthy spring rolls, Asian sandwiches, katsu chicken bowls and Hawaiian pokés, each section of the menu has vegetarian options.
- Don Tapa - legendary Spanish churros.
- Papa Grill - Viennese, Frankfurt and Chicago hot dogs.
- Ukusno - Serbian pleskavitsa, cevapcici, shopska salad and mixed mesos - no one will be left hungry!
- "Mussel place" - mussels from Chile, New Zealand and Crimea with special sauces, and for vegans - crudite vegetables.
- "Karelian recipes" - taiga dumplings with venison, Kizhi forest dumplings with aspen, Solovetsky with turkey, and also lean ones. Everything is in to go format!
- El cooko - hot Wild West and Texas love for large portions: chicken pops, juicy burgers, especially for the Park - salad with couscous, cherries and curry.
- Hood food - vegan New York doggers, mac and cheese, healthy - burgers in lettuce with bean cutlet.
- Salad Bar - healthy, green and fresh salads.
- Angry shrimp - a paradise for seafood lovers: Caribbean coconut shrimp with fries or tuna tataki.
- MNTN coffee - freshly brewed coffee, matcha, cocoa, refreshing lemonade combined with breakfast at any time of the day.
- "Coffee Culture" - a specialty coffee shop with many variations of coffee preparation for true connoisseurs.

The food parking will open a merchant shop with collaborations between the Park and local St. Petersburg designers. Also, bright pedicabs with light snacks, ice cream and flowers will run along the South Alley.

Primorsky Victory Park Krestovsky Island, South Alley
Mon-Fri: 12:00 - 21:00
Sat-Sun: 11:00 - 21:00