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The park is for city farming

What kind of city farming is?

We provide:
  • A special place for planting herbs seeds - a personal wooden tub, 200x50 cm in size;
  • Everything you need for planting - gloves and working tools;
  • Herb seeds - you can choose Provencal herbs, arugula, basil and others;
  • Plant care consultations. Our specialists have vast experience in planting and caring for plants - that's who really has green fingers.
  • 4 supervised group practice sessions where you will learn all the intricacies of gardening from planting and caring for plants to harvest.

You can also take care of your garden with family or friends. You can come with your children and show them the process of plant growth from seeds to ready-made salad on a plate! It is also a great gift idea for someone who supports the concept of slow living, takes care of their diet and loves eco-friendly products.

The cost of a subscription to your own garden with all the bonuses from us is 6000 rubles.
To sign up, write to us on Instagram - we will tell you all the details.