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The park is for a new floral concept

 Nature. Planetary gardens. A park.

Primorsky Victory Park for the first time in the park history of St. Petersburg completely changes the concept of flower decoration according to the principle of new perennials - replacing annual plants with more stable perennials.

We have already said that in 2021 we headed for resilience. How will this be applied in the Park? Already this year we will completely replace the usual contrasting annuals with viable perennial plants of calm shades.

Moreover, the creation and implementation of the concept is supervised not by an invited bureau, but by the Park team - both experienced and young specialists. We have already begun to prepare plants for planting in special greenhouses: instead of scarlet marigolds, field grasses, cereals and ornamental shrubs will appear in the Park.

The concept of new perennials became famous thanks to the work of Pete Udolph, who is still the most famous master of natural landscaping. One example of his projects is High Line in New York. Park's team also researched the work of Gilles Clement and his concept of planetary gardens.

Landscaping of the Park takes into account the resistance of plants to the climate of the North-West region of Russia. Flower beds will become objects of study and familiarization of the townspeople with the variability of the plant world - more than 10,000 perennials will be planted! We think Pete and Gilles would love it.

We will keep you updated on the update of the landscape-floral concept - Stay Tuned.

The park is for you!