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The park if for Garden School

We are telling you about the activities for this week!

Sunday at 15:00 - master class "Predator in the Bank"

You will get acquainted with various types of carnivorous plants, make friends with the toothy Venus flytrap, make a florarium with a carnivorous plant, live moss and take it home for your green garden.
The cost of the master class and florarium with the Venus Flytrap: 1,650 rubles.

Sunday at 18:00 - Philodendron transplant master class

Philodendron is quite easy to care for, so even a grower with little experience can cope with this plant. At the master class, we will tell and show you how to properly transplant a plant and how to care for it. At the end, we will give everyone a new green friend.
And in our creative space, we will hold two unusual master classes that will help make your home even more comfortable!

Friday at 15:00 - master class "Interior basket"
We will knit a basket of cotton knitted yarn, which will perfectly fit into any interior!

Saturday at 15:00 - acquaintance with the world of essential oils
We will talk where, when and how to use it, study aromatherapy for all occasions and prepare a "family first aid kit" of essential oils. At the end - tasting and aroma lunch with DoTerra oils. 
Sounds intriguing, right?

To sign up for a master class, go to our Instagram