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PRE-LAST OCTOBER day. Plogging. A park.

PRE-LAST OCTOBER day. Plogging. A park.

UPD: Subbotnik Festival is canceled due to imposed restrictions

On October 30, citywide Saturday clean-ups will take place in St. Petersburg. We decided to support this initiative and implement it creatively. This is how a subbotnik festival appeared with various activities: from a green swap to a workout with a rake.

We ironically interpreted the Soviet holiday "Labor Day" (the festival was named "Pre-last October day. Plogging. Park") and changed its concept, keeping the bright message. Shared Saturday cleaning has been diversified by plogging, kids research, green swap and more – Here we share the schedule!

• 9:00 - Autumn Birdwatching
Let's get acquainted with the birds of the Park together with the Ecological and Biological Center "Krestovsky Island" @ecobiospb;

• 10:30 - Flora tour
20,370 trees have been planted in Primorsky Victory Park - a great opportunity to learn more about the species and improve your skills in botany;

•  11:00 - three outdoor workouts at once:
- workout with a rake: active training with a professional athlete and trainer Pavel Mironov @pashymironov;

- yoga plogging - a series of assanas and meditative foliage collection with @bikramyogaspb;

- dance cleaning of foliage: hot zumba training in a duet with a rake partner who will definitely not crush his legs.

•  12:00 - children's scientific research "Water world of the PPPark". Children, together with the ecological organization Friends of the Baltic @baltfriends, will analyze the water in ponds for the presence of microplastics and learn how it can be dangerous for the environment;

 •  13:00 - green swap in the Orangerie: already a traditional exchange of plants with advice on care from the Park specialists. Bring your green friends!

Participation in the activities is free by appointment - links in the profile header in our  Instagram. See you at the subbotnik festival!