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Garden School

Especially for our garden School, we built a classroom space with a wall of living plants, wooden planters for planting, a canopy in case of rain and a large table where our students learn the secrets of planting and caring for their own green garden.

August 18 at 15:00 - master class "Predator in the Jar."
You will get acquainted with various types of carnivorous plants, make friends with the toothy Venus flytrap, make a florarium with a carnivorous plant, live moss and take it home for your green garden.
The cost of the master class and florarium with the Venus Flytrap: 1,650 rubles.

August 18 at 18:00 - master class on transplanting philodendron

Philodendron is quite easy to care for, so even a grower with little experience can cope with this plant. At the master class, we will tell and show you how to properly transplant a plant and how to care for it. At the end, we will give everyone a new green friend.

You can also plant your own garden with herbs, salads and other superfoods in the Park! We provide all the necessary equipment, herb seeds, conduct master classes on planting, caring for plants, and you can always turn to the Park staff for advice.

A vegetable garden can be created with family and friends, or you can come with your children and show them the process of plant growth from seeds to ready-made salad on a plate.

We will gather the first harvest in September! To sign up, write to us on Instagram - we will tell you all the details.


Garden school