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The park is for an open-air gallery

It has long been thought that this could be done with technical buildings in the Park that do not look pretty (to put it mildly). We wanted to do it beautifully and with meaning. We thought and thought and suggested that the guys from the "Anton is Here Nearby" Center to paint our buildings. And they agreed!
Even one of the strictest committees of the KGIOP, which rarely agrees on various "drawing" initiatives, willingly supported our idea - thank you for that.

"Anton is Nearby" is a center for systemic support for children, adolescents and adults with autism. Drawings, texts and apt sayings of students on the walls of the Anton is Nearby Center, they are shown on the walls without editing - as they are. On one of the buildings you can find Anton Kharitonov's work "People", the very one that started the film and the Center:
“People are drumming and thundering. Not shaggy. Are lost. Redheads. Deep. People flay their skin. People are renovating a house, a barn. People will be patient. People draw, write. Forest. People are chopping wood, sawing, drowning. Moreover, people are greeting, talking, jumping, running. People are finite. People fly. "

In our Instagram you can see everyone's favorite heading "before" and "after", tell us in the comments – what you think about this transformation, and even better come and get acquainted with the works in person!

Street gallery of the Center "Anton is near here" in the Primorsky Park of Victory
Krestovsky pr., 27
Metro station "Krestovsky Ostrov"
Working hours: around the clock
The entrance is free

Photo: Tanya Maud