For the record
We are in favor of making it easy and safe for everyone in our Park - both children and adults, and domestic and local animals. Do you have any suggestions for the development of the Park? Do not hesitate to write or call us - we are always for new ideas!
And also for reading, sunbathing and picnics. Lawns are your territory. So let's take care of her: don't pick flowers, don't make fires, don't climb trees, even if there is a sudden attack of mountaineering.
The park is for you
The park is for lying on the grass
It's great that you don't hurt our animals, don't dig up plants, don't cut your neighbors on the bike path, don't swim in ponds, don't take a selfie in a fountain, even if you can get a great shot. And thank you for keeping a distance of 2 meters - this is important.
Park is about responsibility
You can (and should!) come to the Park with pets - well, what a weekend without them? Take care of hygiene products, leashes and muzzles - this will be more comfortable for you, your pet, and everyone around you.
The park is for friends
Including four-legged
Choose the walking path you like - there are dozens of them in the Park, which means that every walk will be special! Walk, run, walk to the rhythm of a waltz alone or with family, friends and pets.
The park is for walking 24/7
There are special paths for bicycles, electric scooters, skateboards and other chariots in the Park to make everyone feel comfortable. It will not be possible to arrange extreme races in the style of Formula 1, but it is easy to ride in the Park with a breeze.
The park is for transport with wheels
We have come up with many activities so that everyone can find something for themselves: yoga and meditation classes, stand up paddle boarding, workout on the beach, and also classes in our Garden School. And we'll come up with even more. Follow the schedule on the website and in our social networks.
The park is for cool weekends
We know that the easiest way to make friends with a squirrel or a swan is to feed them. And we don't mind! Here are some of their favorites - don't experiment with the rest:

- Stock up on grass and lettuce for swans;
- Proteins prefer nuts, cereals and seeds.
The park is for meetings.
For example, with local animals

We are happy when you take photos and videos of your picnics, workouts, outfits, park dwellers and other nice personalities.Do not forget to share publications with the hashtag #pppark and tag us @PPPARK.RU - we will post the best ones in our profile.
The park is #pppark
The park map
How to get here
Primorsky Victory Park

197110, St. Petersburg, Krestovsky prospect
Public transport

Stop "Krestovsky Ostrov"
«buses: 10, 14 and 25

Stop "Metro station Krestovsky Ostrov"
«buses: 10, 14 and 25
Route taxi: K-131

Free parking

- on the South Alley
- opposite the Sibur Arena complex
- on the Northern Alley

Nearest metro stations

Krestovsky ostrov, Novokrestovskaya
Denis Ivanov
Ulyana Kim
Ekaterina Lisitsa development manager
Primorsky Victory Park
Danil Soloviev
Chief Engineer
Saint Petersburg, Krestovsky island
Opening hours: 24/7
Phone: +7 (812) 640 17 00
2020 JSC "Primorsky Victory Park"